Statement and believes

By permitting innovation, efficiency and sustainability to govern the way we work, we lay the foundation for our continuous improvement work. At the same time we create opportunities for custom projects that generate both added value and environmentally optimized solutions. With full control over manufacturing, molds and raw materials, we at PPS can create climate-smart product solutions for material handling and offer our customers products with enormous CO₂ savings in a circular process.

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With innovation as a common thread throughout the business, we can offer solutions that provide benefits at all levels. A product solution developed by PPS is designed and developed to meet your needs both now and in the future.
At PPS, we strive for a circular business model. By applying a Closed loop system, where used bins are recycled and become CO-certified materials that can be used in the manufacturing of new products, we can extend the life of our products in a circular process. Through innovation, we can give plastic a second life. The use of recycled materials not only creates climate-smart products, but we also generate economic benefits because recycled materials do not need to be processed to the same extent as new raw materials. With the help of our own compounds, we can adapt materials to achieve the best possible results, not only from a technical point of view but also in terms of what is best to ensure a sustainable future.

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In order to create a more sustainable society, we must dare to challenge. It is about driving development forward and finding new ways to give products new life. We live in a world with demands where efficiency and material handling is a significant key element that is part of the manufacturing process. Today, many customers demand a circular system for more efficient and sustainable handling of consumed products. By reusing broken and used bins, we can reach a climate-smart solution and recycle and replace used bins with new ones in a closed return system. With Greenology® Concept, we at PPS can take plastic recycling to a new level and help our customers take advantage of products that have already consumed their life cycle and offer innovatively sustainable products with respect for the environment. A complete solution for a circular way of working that improves both the work environment and gives our customers more time, while at the same time contributing to reduced environmental impact.



A product range for efficient handling and storage requires systems for a sustainable process. The importance of creating sustainable production chains in circular processes has increased and will in the future be a requirement rather than a vision. By letting sustainability characterize our business at all levels, we create solutions with enormous CO₂ savings. Optimized premises with energy-efficient manufacturing equipment and a focus on smart flows and innovative production methods contribute to climate-efficient manufacturing and a minimized waste of resources. Thanks to the new plant's solar energy system, we can manufacture products with green electricity while modern architecture and technology generate a more sustainable and climate-smart production process. Using recycled materials as a substitute for new raw materials in the product development is an effective way of reducing the climate impact in production. The sustainability concept Greenology® Concept means that we at PPS can offer complete solutions in the closed cycle to help our customers to a circular production. Through collaboration with the customer, we can take advantage of consumed resources and return them to the production chain as recycled materials and new products while contributing to sustainable development and a climate-smart return system.