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"The world is changing and so are we" Curious? Watch the concept film here

We make a difference

A packaging solution from PPS is developed here and now - developed to work today and in the future. PPS has one of the market's widest ranges in small parts storage and is now expanding its range in retail and logistics. As part of the Axjo Group, we continue to develop our products with the Group's knowledge in product development in green materials and thus drive our sustainability development forward.

The world needs to change and so do we. We know that the road to a lower climate footprint and a greener future begins with the product development. By changing and influencing the logistics chain and switching to a circular process, we can contribute to a reduced climate footprint and offer our customers a sustainable product range in a closed system.

A product development with green materials is a matter of course for us at PPS. By taking advantage of materials that have consumed their life cycle, we can create new environmentally beneficial materials with improved properties. Replacing virgin raw materials through efficient recycling contributes to us being able to offer innovatively sustainable products with a reduced climate footprint.

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By letting sustainability, innovation and efficiency govern our way of working, we at PPS lay the foundation for our continuous work with improvements. We have come a long way in achieving our long-term sustainability goals, which means moving from a linear process to a closed system and becoming part of our customers' circular process. By contributing to a simplified and efficient handling of our bins, we can minimize waste and utilize possible resources in all processes and offer our customers unique product solutions for material handling with enormous CO₂ savings. Our 3 values

With sustainability throughout the flow

With a background in Perstorp, where Scandinavia's first plastic production took place at the beginning of the 20th century, we at PPS have long experience and great insight into the industry. Increasingly high demands are placed on sustainable processes, and product development with green materials must be a matter of course. A product range that becomes crucial on the whole requires systems for a sustainable process. Optimized premises with energy-efficient manufacturing equipment and focus on smart flows in combination with innovative production methods contribute to climate-efficient manufacturing and a minimized waste of resources.

Our production is located in Gislaved, where we also have one of our two logistics centers. It is important for us to be close to our customers. We already have a very comprehensive range and we continue to invest in new products for the markets we work in.

As part of the Axjo Group, we are involved in improving our customers' sustainability work in both the long and short term. Through Greenology® Concept, we at PPS can take plastic recycling to a new level and assist our customers to take advantage of products that have already consumed their life cycle and offer sustainable products innovatively developed with consideration for the environment.